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We strive to deliver the best member healthcare experience in the industry. Our professional medical bill negotiation team works with quality providers to improve the patient's healthcare journey, not disrupt it. When compared to old-school network plans, Fairos saves employers up to 30% on healthcare without shifting costs to employees. After all, healthcare should be a benefit, not a burden.

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What can members expect from Fairos?

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Personal Advocate Dedicated To You

Personal Advocate Dedicated To You

  • There are no robots or multiple points of contact
  • You will have direct access to a dedicated personal advocate
  • Providing you with consistent and timely updates that matter to you
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Online Portal & App

Online Portal & App

  • Members have access to our online portal and app 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Receive real-time updates where all communication is time and date stamped
  • Resulting in complete member clarity
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No Member Homework!

No Member Homework!

  • Removing member assignment packets reduces the unnecessary workload on the member
  • Leading to faster and smoother resolution with medical providers
  • Taking your healthcare journey to a new level of quality and simplicity

Discover what a 30% savings can accomplish for your company and employees.

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3X Faster

Balance Bill Resolution Time



Conversion of single case rate agreements to long term contracts



Effective Medicare Rate, Including Settlements


Reducing Your Annual Healthcare Expenses by

25 - 30%

Simple, Sustainable, Unparalleled Service.

Simple, Sustainable, Unparalleled Service.

Powered by the nation's best medical bill negotiation team and vast member resources, Fairos delivers a simple, effective, and enjoyable healthcare experience.

Discover the Fairos advantage.

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