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Founded in 1998, OccuNet has 20 plus years of successful history, building comprehensive cost-containment solutions. OccuNet prioritizes understanding each clients unique needs and customizing our solutions and client workflows accordingly. OccuNet consistently delivers industry-leading results and customer service levels on a national basis to all our valued payer clients and the various markets they serve.

Meet The Team

Kristen Prosser Photo

Kristen Prosser

General Counsel

Mark Tidwell Photo

Mark Tidwell

Executive Vice President, People and Culture

Kyla Hanks Photo

Kyla Hanks

Human Resources

Bogdan Stanca Photo

Bogdan Stanca

Senior Director, Financial Planning and Analysis

Lauren Beeman Photo

Lauren Beeman

Vice President, Operations

John Crumpton Photo

John Crumpton

Chief Strategy Officer

Mark Rinehart Photo

Mark Rinehart


Alex Fairly Photo

Alex Fairly


Caleb Fairly Photo

Caleb Fairly